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We created doYoga.MS to use the tools of yoga to empower people with autoimmune diseases to change their life. Focused on people with MS, doYoga.MS aims to inspire you to establish a regular yoga practice.

Being diagnosed with a life long health condition is terrifying. Especially diseases like Multiple Sclerosis, that can strike anytime, anywhere in your nervous system. Doctors tell us our immune system is attacking our nervous system, and there’s very little we can do about it. It feels like our body betrayed us.

Yoga can help. Yoga is magic.

doYoga.MS will help you to discover the yoga principles for living that will lead to a transformation of your mind and body.

How can doYoga.MS help you?

Explore the 8 limbs of yoga and how they can transform your life.

Be inspired with yoga practices for every day and every symptom.

Understand the science behind the benefits of yoga for MS.

Recent Posts

Yoga for Fatigue

A two week period of MS fatigue and its associated misery inspired me to look to yoga for was to cope. I wasn’t surprised to find there’s lots for yoga to teach us!

The Path to Samadhi

The latter four limbs are where the magical powers of yoga are found. They’re not easy to understand, but worth the effort.

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